About Silvia Maria Calcioli

Silvia Maria Calcioli is a chartered accountant and auditor with an experience of more than 10 years in the Tax and corporate advasory.

At the beginning of her career, she collaborated with international firms as: Andersen legal:

  • esecuting tax audits to Adersern’s clients;
  • keeping contacts with US or UK holdings having branches in Italy;
  • contancting Italian and foreign tax offices to solve double taxation issues.

Ernest Young:

  • carrying out a training course held in the South of Italy financed by EU addressed to executives working the public sector.

In 2002 she began her collaboration with the family office, being herself the third generation of the studio. Today, Silvia Maria Calcioli manages the studio supported by a qualified team of professionals specialized in the dedicated areas of assistance provided by the studio:

  • assisting clients with tax and legal issues;
  • keeping contacts with tax and social security authorities;
  • registrations with competent authorities;
  • management of personnel;
  • tax filings due on an annual basis;
  • related consultancy.

Thanks to her fluent english and to a Master in Tax Law, she examines  in deep topics connetted with tax residency, double taxation issues and taxation of international transactions, as Voluntary Disclosure. In case you want to know more details about her professional background, please check out her Linkedin profile.