Voluntary Disclosure

  • What is the voluntary disclosure? How does it work? How much does it cost?

    Under the Voluntary Disclosure program, taxpayers who have undisclosure foreing investments and have not filed the related tax return in Italy can submit an application to the Italian Tax office based on the entire payment of the due taxes but taking advantage of a low penalty and reduce possible criminal charges.
  • Who is elegible to make the Voluntary Disclosure?

    Tax resident in Italy who failed to declare theri foreing investiments may submit to the Italian Tax office a disclosure proposal.
  • How does It work?

    Based in the documentation provided by the tax payer, the tax office will calculate the amounts due for the disclosure. Tax wil be entirely considered, while penalties will benefit of a remarkable reduction as far as potential criminal charges
  • How I can help you?

    I’m able to offer the necessary assistance to:

    1. submit the “Voluntary disclosure” application
    2. estimate the related costs
    3. provide the “follow up” support until the closing of the procedure
  • How much does it costs?

    The cost of the Voluntary Disclosure includes:
    • total unpaid or underpaid taxes;
    • reduced penaltues for unfiled tax returns.
    The amount due may vary substantially depending on:
    1. type of investiment assetts;
    2. country where the onvestiment is located;
    3. tax years for which the undesclosed assetts have been held.